Red Red

Helped a friend to take pictures and record the cooking process of a lovely vegetarian Ashanti dish that is really easy to make, flavor-packed, and super nutritious! Be sure to try it

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“Red Red” is a simple and delicious vegetarian dish made of black-eyed beans, tomato sauce, and generally plantains. Red Red originates from Ashanti region in Ghana, but has many adaptions throughout Africa – street food vendors love this recipe for its simplicity and richness. Nowadays, Red Red has become increasingly popular far beyond Africa. Back when I was a kid in Ghana, I remember enjoying this festive dish during school lunches and at home. Personally, I love to serve this dish as main course because it always turns out to be a crowd pleaser due to being nutritious, flavor-packed, and healthy – it fills you up quickly yet leaves you craving for more.

DSC_9743_1Red Red (Black-eyed beans stew)
Recipe type: Main
Cooking time: About an hour
Cuisine: Ashanti
Serves: 4

Olive or palm oil
250g of dried black-eyed beans
2-4 plantains
500g yam
1 whole red onion (can be…

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