The bands I’ve told you about, which you’d promised to google, and never did

There are some bands that are just your thing, and at times you find it difficult to explain why. I did try, but eventually found it hard to reproduce the exact same environment for friends to fully appreciate the genius of the sounds these bands make – sometimes due to differences in tastes and sometimes simply due to not having a possibility at hand to play the songs I liked.

In my opinion the bands in this post are quite underrated and receive far less coverage than some of their talentless contemporaries. I’m writing this post for two simple reasons – to be able to share and tell about some of the bands I really like with one short link and to spread the word, of course. Without further ado, adjust your equalizers to “ear orgasm” preset, and move any rock’n’roll-is-dead haters away from the monitors:

The Bollands
Been around since: 2010
From: New Zealand / Hong Kong
Genre: Foot Stomping Folk
First heard them: Revolver Bar, early 2013
Follow them:

These guys are the sweetest! A loving and happy couple that knows how to deliver good quality folk music with their own spark and passion. Saw them for the first time in a bar in Taipei, and knew that I would have to see them again. And I did – in another bar where The Bollands stayed for an unplanned jam encore. These kind of moments reveal the true self of the artists – their approach towards producing sounds and putting smiles on peoples faces; wherever they are – in a subway tunnel hiding from the rain or in a packed underground bar where you are barely able to stand up straight. So press play on the vids below, subscribe, and hope these guys will visit your town some day!

Here’s a couple of pics from Revolver of Joyce and Christian Bollands Bollands


Plain Jane Automobile
Been around since: 2001
From: Orlando, FL
Genre: Indie Rock
First heard them: on my Nokia 6700, early 2011
Follow them:

It fun to remember that after buying a new shiny Nokia in the winter of 2011, I kept forgetting to upload any music on it, and the “Stones” by Plain Jane Automobile was the one song that was constantly playing for a good couple of weeks on repeat. And unlike other songs that you overdose yourself with and cannot listen to anymore at certain point, this one has never faded and gotten old to me. PJA has some gems which should be listened to more and enjoyed. Their true indie spirit and dedication towards good sounds is what kept me closely following them throughout the years. Apart from that, Duke Crider is a friendliest fellow who answered my “keep-up-the-good-work” testimonial and befriended me on FB.


Radio Moscow
Been around since: 2003
From: Story City, IA
Genre: Psychedelic Garage Blues Rock
First heard them: around 2009
Follow them:

Their sounds are sick, will rock your socks off, and would have made Jimi Hendrix proud. I don’t remember the precise date, but the moment when I first heard Radio Moscow – I was amazed of how I haven’t heard of them before. I couldn’t care less about all of the comparisons of Radio Moscow to the sounds of Black Keys, or some classic rock pieces, because their ability to hypnotize me into turning up the volume knob to the max is simply amazing. And of course I love them for mentioning my hometown in their name. Don’t know the story behind it, but does it really matter?


The Stone Foxes
Been around since: 2005
From: San Francisco, CA
Genre: Blues Rock
First heard them: early 2011
Follow them:

These guys never left my player since the moment I’ve heard them covering Muddy Water’s “I’m a King Bee”. Their hoarse sounding mics and well distorted guitars put a huge grin on my face and restore faith in rock’n’roll. Their live vids are made of awesome, these guys know how to make the crowd go wild. The Stone Foxes haven’t been wasting time and their latest album was released in February 2013 – you just have to listen to it. Start with their earlier works though, you will be positively surprised.


Tako Lako
Been around since: 2007
From: Copenhagen
Genre: Psychedelic Gypsy Beats
First heard them: Tivoli, summer 2012
Follow them:

Here’s my shot of Tako Lako after their gig in Tivoli, 27.8.2012 Tako Lako

First heard them live while being on a trip to Copenhagen. It was fun to watch the attitude transformations of the park’s visitors from the cold who-the-hell-are-those-guys to holy-shit-I-can’t-stop-dancing kind of mood. They shattered the whole historical Tivoli park and ripped the stage in two while performing some psyched beats from their “Through The Mud” debut CD. The songs which are available online at this point in my opinion can only relatively be compared to the maelstrom of Balkan sounds Tako Lako produces while playing live. I bet these guys are tired of being compared to Gogol Bordello, and I’m not going to do that – they are lucky and mastered enough to develop their own inimitable music identity which many will fall in love with from the first note.

This post was made out of my sincere love for all of the mentioned bands and I honestly wish them the best in doing what they are doing. It doesn’t matter how known are they or how many followers they have on Facebook, it’s about making great music – these bands know how to do it and I wanted more people to appreciate and enjoy it.

Above that, this is my first post in 888 days. Yep, how cool is that? I hope I will write more as I enjoyed the hell out of writing this one.

Listen, enjoy, and share.


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