bon appetit!

My mind is a weird mechanism – in a way it is like a mincing machine which I constantly load with “meat” of everyday thoughts and dilemmas trying to make them more “tender” for perception. Sometimes I just put too much of unnecessary stuff into this machine and it gets jammed. Sometimes I put my hand in it while trying to clean it out, and mince myself instead.


3 thoughts on “bon appetit!

  1. Happens to me in exatcly the same way, though, have never compared it with a “mincing machine”. My head is about to explode everytime im full of different spontaneous thoughts. I just try speaking aloud cuz “pouring” my thoughts into words always helps me to understand myself (sounds wired eh, but that is how it is!))

  2. Hey Dimma! It’s Orlando. This is quite an awesome way to put things into percpective. I bet this post almost made you mince yourself. Haha. I will post this on my FB page to get more traffic going to you.

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