Victims of a Down

Victims of a Down

Poem by Daron Malakian

As the century nears its formidable end, our global experience of universal proportions, predicted by many greats, will arrive at our solar system, to our system of a down.

Authoritarian oppression, family abuse, depression caused by conformity, and economic devastation will be neutralized by technological terrorism in times of complete chaos.

Control will never again be gained for toleration will become extinct. A husband quarrelling with his wife will not think twice or regret his spent bullet. Hungry children will not spare the grocer.

Remorse in all forms will be removed from human thoughts and actions.
Freedom will only be available through revolution or death. This system of a down is unavoidable as life on this planet becomes unnecessary.

The hand has five fingers, capable and powerful, with the ability to destroy as well as create.¬†We have the power to stop and reverse the tides of time by making our awareness of abuse known to the powers of industry and their uncouth political arms. Only by raising the awareness and promoting personal peace within today’s self-defeatist society, can we allow the planet a chance to avoid self-destruction!

Open your eyes, open your mouths,
Close your hands and make a fist.

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7 thoughts on “Victims of a Down


    So many people are too close minded to see the truth of this advice, do we really “have the power to stop and reverse the tides of time by making our awareness of abuse known to the powers of industry and their uncouth political arms”?

    Can we prevent the landslide that is coming?
    I believe that, in order to succeed in a cause such as this, we must make as many people aware as we can and organize a true movement.
    Can we prevent the landslide that is coming?
    If so, how do we do this on a large scale and bypass the close-mindedness of so many people?

      1. The fact that you think that proves how terrible this world is becoming. I”m not saying that you’re a bade person. It’s just, because people are so close-minded, it should be our duty, our purpose, and our moral obligation to open their minds. If you can think, you can teach. Teach the world to see.

  2. I am not sure if i am right but on a website i found that the writing on the back of the first SOAD album is not the poem. Most people say that SOAD will not go public with this poem

  3. I saw this on the back of the original System of a Down album. It’s good, but I haven’t really seen anything happen at the end of last century. Still a great poem.

  4. ‘Down’ is a noun meaning feathers. “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether” is a dark comedy by the American author Edgar Allan Poe. The system of a Tarr and a Fether could have been changed to “System of an Ass Fault and a Down”… or in this case, just Down.

  5. I think this poem says lots about life, like Wilfred owen’s “anthem for doomed youth,” this really demonstrates that we live in a socially opresive society and we must do all in out power to battle it. With this social totalitarianism in place, only those strong will make it and the old and the weak are doomed by the propaganda and lies put into place by the opressers.

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